How I Met Your Mother: Meet The Characters

How I Met Your Mother is a story based around five best friends who spend all of their time together. Each character is full of personality and adds conflict to the story showing that Ted’s friends have a bigger impact in finding the mother than we would think.

Ted Moseby: Ted, played by Josh Radnor, is the main character of How I Met Your Mother. Ted is a smart, sensitive, and successful architect. Ted is a hopeless romantic who is constantly in this search for the love of his life. In the year 2030, Ted is telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, so the entire show is portrayed as a flashback. Ted wouldn’t be able to find his future wife without his best friends.

Marshall Eriksen: Marshall is the lovable best friend to Ted ever since they were roommates together freshmen year of college. Marshall has been in love with Lily since the first week of college and have been together ever since. Jason Segel plays Marshall and as always brings a great good-guy personality that keeps him so lovable.

Lily Aldrin: Lily is the third member of the gang having met Ted and future husband Marshall in the first week of college. She has a great heart and wants to do the right thing. Alyson Hannigan plays the character as sexy and confident, with just a hint of the lovable nerdy funny charm. The Marshall-Lily relationship is the most secure thing about this friend dynamic and what Ted strives to achieve once he meets the right girl.

Barney Stinson: Neil Patrick Harris is the cast’s comic relief as Barney Stinson. Barney is the lady’s man. From his pickup schemes, to his suit obsession, to the way he says “It’s going to be legen- wait for it- dairy,” Barney is a one of a kind character. Barney represents the complete opposite side of spectrum from what Marshall and Lily represent. Barney always represented the dying hope that Ted won’t find somebody, so he should spend his days just trying to trick women into sex. Though now that the season is ata point where the end is in sight, Barney’s character has learned to grow up and settle down. A true sign that it is time for Ted to meet his wife.

Robin Scherbatsky: The pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother is the story of how Ted meets and falls in love with Robin. she is introduced as the new member of the group and causes conflict all over the place. For many seasons there has been conflict ending up in Ted always going back to try to make things work with Robin BUT we viewers cringe at the idea that Robin ends up being the mother. Luckily (spoiler alert if you are not up to date) Robin has learned to settle down and is going to marry Barney.

The show is about a single man looking for love, but show really shows the power of fate. Without the involvement of his four best friends, Ted would never meet his perfect match.


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