The writers of How I Met Your Mother are very smart. They have made great uplifting storylines that cross between characters and controversies to keep us interested. Every fan of the show understands by now that the mother is associated with the color yellow, but few have realized that the color scheme goes deeper and actually started right in the beginning of the first season. In the way that yellow represents the mother, purple represents Ted’s close friend Robin Scherbatsky. The series begins with Ted meeting and falling in love with Robin. In one of the first episodes Ted is looking for a way to find Robin to have another chance to talk to her. Just then Robin (who is a news reporter) showed up on TV covering the story of a little boy who crawled into a claw machine hoping to get a purple giraffe. Robin in the purple giraffe. Throughout all the seasons Ted has been off and on with Robin, every time ending with him realizing that she is not the one. The purple giraffe theme becomes very important in season 7 episode 17 entitled “No Pressure.” At the beginning of the episode Ted becomes consumed with giving up hope in looking for “the one” and accepts a future with Robin. All throughout the episode all the characters are wearing purple. At the end of the episode Robin tells Ted it is not going to happen and he sorrowfully gives up trying to be with the purple giraffe. In the episode Ted is upset which makes sense. However this had to happen for the sake of Ted’s journey. If you look at the color wheel, you will notice that yellow and purple are opposite each other. With this episode the writers were saying Ted basically had to get some sense knocked into him in the form of Robin’s rejection. Ted needed to get over his purple giraffe before he could be searching for his yellow umbrella (the mother). It is always fun when the writers of shows put in little secrets for dedicated fans to find. The purple giraffe is a great metaphor that has carried through seven seasons of How I Met Your Mother.77a98fd5ef75b318a949eb9e48ba996d